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Public Projects from Magarpatta City

Commercial Projects in Magarpatta School

Magarpatta School

Magarpatta City

City Public school fulfills the concept of walk to school of Magarpatta City.The distance from home to school is less than a mile, encouraging children to walk or cycle to school.

Plot Area = 27,000

Built up = 9 ,000

The child and parents both feel at safe since the school is near residence and the commute time is negligible.Planning

Courtyard planning and horizontality is the main concept of the school. School is linear , three floored with long corridors and courtyards at intervals. Courtyards divide the space in differnt sections of school like pre- primary , primary and secondary. Corridords and staircases on both the sides of the courtyard join the different spaces of school The school sits in between the basketball courts and garden in the front and play area and Football ground at the back. School is constructed in Fly Ash bricks which is a sustainable material and was kept in exposed brick work for long. Recently , the school got painted

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Magarpatta Gymkhana

Magarpatta City

A Swimming Pool and Backside of Gymkhana B Side view of Gymkhana. The growing importance of exercise in ones daily routine and the stress bound working schedules led to the introduction of fitness centre in Magarpatta City. An independent structure dedicated only to health and fitness was designed and named Gymkhana. It is taken over by Abs Club now.

Plot Area = 10,800 sq.m approx

Gym Area = 19,00 sq.m approx

The activity areas in the gym are - Gymnasium Hall, Yoga Hall, Aerobics Hall, Kids Activity Area, Beauty Salon and Spa, Massage Centre, Swimming Pool, Squash Court, Tennis Court

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Commercial Projects in Magarpatta Gymkhana
Commercial Projects in Magarpatta Destination Center

Magarpatta Destination Center

Magarpatta City

The Destination Center in Magarpatta City is a state-of-the-art commercial complex, designed to meet the diverse needs and wants of the community. The center features a wide range of shops, restaurants, convenience stores, eateries, and even fresh fruit and vegetable vendors. It is intended to serve as a hub of activity and a gathering place for residents of the city.

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