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Commercial Projects in Cybercity


Magarpatta City

The form of the 12 towers is clear reflection of the central circular open green space. All the 12 towers forms a ring around the open space , three in each sector. The shape of the building is inviting and provides maximum view from the office. The sky Blue glass facade reflects the grennery in the front and the double glazing helps maintaining the inner temperature of the office space. The totem poles in front of the buildings are artistically designed and helps the companies to mark their

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Magarpatta Corporate Office

Magarpatta City

The Magarpatta City Corporate Office is the administrative center of the township, responsible for the management and maintenance of the various amenities and infrastructure within the community. The office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is the first Platinum rated Green Building in Pune by the IGBC in 2019.
The columns supporting the roof symbolize the collective effort and collaboration that went into the development of Magarpatta City. They not only provide structural support, but also represent the sense of community and shared responsibility among those who have a stake in the development of the city. The columns also protect the inner glass facade of the building, reflecting the sense of security and protection that the residents and businesses of Magarpatta City feel as a result of their participation in the development of the city.
The Magarpatta City Corporate Office also serves as a model for sustainable urban development and is a popular destination for urban planners and developers from around the world.

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Commercial Projects in Magarpatta Corporate Office
Commercial Projects in Symphony IT Park

Symphony IT Park

Nanded City

Symphony IT Park located in the western part of the pune on the arterial sinhagad road, is a complex of eight office towers which offers working space for IT companies & software developers for commercial activities, the design concept for IT Park is to create a symphony of buildings with the existing facilities available within nanded city. The interface building placed at an oblique angle with each building façade facing away from the surrounding road which runs in a loop and woven together with a raised podium. The building composition create a landscape pockets on the podium which provides interactive spaces & views for user. The site has a natural slope towards the north so ramps are provided to reach towards the southern side.

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Magarpatta City

Pentagon is a commercial complex located within Magarpatta City, a privately developed and managed integrated township in Pune, India. The complex consists of five interconnected buildings, each designed to offer a range of office spaces to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes. The buildings feature modern architectural design and state-of-the-art amenities, providing an ideal work environment for companies looking to establish a presence within the city. 

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Commercial Projects in Pentagon