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Project Magarpatta Sylvania

Residential Project of Magarpatta City Township

Sylvania is a residential cluster of buildings located in the picturesque Magarpatta City. The neighborhood has been masterfully planned with a focus on the courtyard principle, where buildings are oriented to overlook the central open space. This approach maximizes natural light and ventilation, creating a bright and well ventilated atmosphere for residents. The open space is situated on a podium, which is designated as a vehicle-free zone, promoting a safe and peaceful environment for residents. Each unit has been designed with cross ventilation to ensure optimal comfort and well-being of the residents.

The residential sector of the development is highlighted by the central clubhouse, which serves as a focal point for the community. The first floor of the buildings are connected by a podium, creating an interactive area for both children and adults. The podium is designed to be an extension of the living spaces, promoting socialization and a sense of community among residents. The landscape design, which incorporates lush greenery and well-manicured gardens, enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and encourages interaction among residents. It also helps to create a serene and tranquil living environment.

Commercial Projects in Magarpatta Sylvania